Sievering Clinic

Competence Centre for Minimally Invasive Medical Services

Patient Care

During the visit

Ask questions
Don’t be shy or embarrassed to discuss anything with your doctor or to ask any questions. His job is to make sure you’re healthy, without passing judgment on you or your lifestyle. Don’t feel rushed. Ask all the questions you want to ask and get the answers you need.
Pay attention
Address any health, diet or exercise issues that you are concerned about and take notes.
Describe your symptoms in detail
Provide details and don’t hold anything back. You want the best diagnosis; so give the most accurate description of your symptoms.
Don’t hide anything about your habits
Be honest about your use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Even if you’re only an occasional smoker, tell your doctor.
Detail your sexual history
This is vital for your doctor in order to assess your risk for STDs and AIDS, as well as your overall health.
Mention any natural products you are taking
Whether they are supplements or over-the-counter drugs, natural products can interact with certain medications.
Ask for specific feedback
Ask for detailed and personalized information and advice, not just general feedback like “you’re tired and need to get some rest”.
Ask for referrals
Anticipate future visits to specialists and ask your doctor for referrals.
The physical exam
Your physical exam should be relatively painless, but since it should involve a comprehensive blood test, prepare yourself mentally if you’re squeamish about needles. You may also need shots to update your immunizations.

Follow up

  • Feel free to call your doctor after your visit if any other health issues come up, but don’t overdo it.
  • Most doctors will expect you to come in to see them to discuss any new problems.
  • Continue taking any medication prescribed by your doctor and keep your prescriptions updated.
    Note that the doctor can’t renew a prescription over the phone.
  • Remember that there are few things in life more important than your health. So now that you know how to maximize your doctor visit, go ahead and make that appointment.