Sievering Clinic

Competence Centre for Minimally Invasive Medical Services


At the Sievering Clinic we are committed to providing personalized and compassionate service to all our patients and offer state-of-the-art surgical techniques.

Our treatment services include:

A simple outpatient procedure

Our Vein Care Centre is a one-stop medical service centre that specializes in the management of all stages of vein disorder; from diagnosis to laser elimination of spider veins to non-surgical treatment of the more serious varicose veins.

Some of our treatment methods:
Varicose veins

Presently, the common clinical problem of varicose veins can be addressed using a variety of techniques. Treatments range from the standard surgical therapy of high ligation and stripping of the greater saphenous and tributaries to

  • Sclerotherapy , laser vein ablation, and vein closure devices. As the technique has evolved over time, microphlebectomy has been used to remove varicosities below the knee, and the greater saphenous is stripped from the groin to the knee.

    Guidelines for reducing some effects of varicose veins:
    • Raise your legs whenever possible with your feet above the level of your heart.
    • Exercise every day.
    • Walking, cycling, climbing stairs and swimming are excellent ways to keep your calf muscles in motion.
    • When sitting for prolonged periods, move your legs frequently. Moving your ankles and flexing calf muscles will help keep blood moving in your legs. Avoid sitting for extended periods.
    • Wear compression stockings
    • Graduated compression provides external pressure (like e.g. the valves in the veins) to aid in blood return to the heart. Compression stockings provide an effective non-operative option for symptom control. Compression is required for most vein surgery recovery.

    Service Order
    Requests for any of these services are accepted on the order of a physician and the patient’s request. As part of the consult, a complete history, physical, interview, and ultrasound Doppler with venous mapping will be ordered and performed. Referrals are accepted by either phone call or fax. The physician’s office should fax the venous consult order, and our staff will arrange for all the rest.

    To provide our patients with the highest quality surgical care available, our practice is limited to the evaluation and treatment of general surgical conditions. If you do not have a primary care physician, we will gladly refer you to someone for your non-surgical needs.