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Pre-Sclerotherapy Instructions

When you have decided to have sclerotherapy there are considerations that will make your treatment more successful and decrease potential side effects.
Please review the following, and remember: you must bring your compression stockings to each sclerotherapy session.

Please review the following procedure guidelines before your treatment day:
  • You will need to bring your compression stockings to wear after the sclerotherapy session;
  • Compression stockings are an essential part of the treatment. If you do not have compression stockings, please contact the clinic prior to your sclerotherapy appointment;
  • Do not take aspirin, Ibuprofen, or arthritis medication for at least 48 hours before treatment;
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages for 48 hours before treatment;
  • Do not shave your legs, nor use creams or oils on them
  • Shower using antibacterial soap on the day of treatment;
  • Please remember to bring your compression stockings with you to each session of your sclerotherapy, Your session will be rescheduled if you don’t;
  • Please call 0676 3288777, 24 hours in advance to cancel a session.
  • When scheduling your procedure, keep in mind that your legs may be bruised or slightly discoloured for some weeks afterward. You probably won’t be comfortable wearing shorts, a swimsuit or a mini skirt until after your legs have cleared up a bit.
Where your treatment will be performed

Sclerotherapy of spider veins is a relatively simple procedure that requires no anaesthesia, so it will be performed in an outpatient setting, in our consultation office.

The procedure

A typical sclerotherapy session is relatively quick, lasting only about 15 to 45 minutes.
After changing into shorts, your legs may be photographed for your medical records.
You will be asked to lie down on the examination table and the skin over your spider veins will be cleaned with an antiseptic solution. Using one hand to stretch the skin taut, your doctor will begin injecting the sclerosing agent into the affected veins. Bright, indirect light and magnification help ensure that the process is completed with maximum precision Approximately one injection is administered for every inch of spider vein – anywhere from five to 40 injections per spider vein treatment session. A cotton ball and compression tape is applied to each area of the leg as it is finished.

During the procedure, you may listen to music, read, or just talk to your practitioner.
You will be asked to shift positions a few times during the process.
As the procedure continues, you will feel small needle sticks and possibly a mild burning sensation. However, the needle used is so thin and the sclerosing solution is so mild that pain is usually minimal.